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Cake Queen Anne

1811 Queen Anne, Ave N. Suite 200

Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 829-9554

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Cake at Chophouse Row

1424 11th Ave Suite G

Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 322-6960

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cake skincare


Beauty should be fun, not tasking or challenging, and never a chore.  At Cake our goal is to provide a skincare experience elevated to an entirely new level of service.   


Simply put, we provide results.  Whether you prefer a simple routine, are new to the world of skincare, or are a self described  "skincare junkie", we are here to help and guide you on your personal journey to great skin!  


Each of us spend countless hours observing, studying and analyzing the latest and safest skincare treatments and methods for creating perfectly tailored brows and lashes. 


A visit with us is a personalized experience to relax and indulge, all while benefiting from clinical results. 

the brow remedy

Cake's Brow Remedy is about creating brows that are luscious and full. We have been shaping and restoring brows in Seattle for more than a decade now and have been loving every minute of it!  


We don't believe in stencils!  You are a unique being and your brows should be treated as such.  Creating brows that are perfectly suited to each individual allows for us to serve all the beautiful faces in our community.  We focus on paying meticulous attention to detail while expressing calculated restraint, giving way to your perfect brows! 


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