The Cake
Brow Remedy.

Natural & Sophisticated.  

More than style, the Cake's Brow Remedy is a genuine belief in creating brows that are luscious and youthful.

Katrina has been shaping and restoring brows in Seattle for more than a decade now. Her innate ability to create perfectly suited brows has attracted some of Seattle's most discerning men and women.  Her technique focuses on paying meticulous attention to detail while expressing calculated restraint.

Katrina and the entire Cake team share a genuine passion for the process of creation behind the perfect brows for every person. Each aesthetician spends countless hours learning the subtleties of the Cake Brow Remedy so that our diverse clientele is well cared for all around.

We know it can be a process sometimes.  We do our best to help guide you with little tips and tricks to ease the process of growing in your brows or maintaining unruly brows in between appointments.  


Brow Remedy

$45 - $120

Includes complimentary tint to highlight your brows best features.

For optimal results please no tweezing, waxing, threading or trimming for 6 - 8 weeks before your initial visit.