Fun facts about yourself:


I grew up in Nebraska

I've been playing violin since I was 10

I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University in American History


My right foot is bigger than my left foot :)


I have a greyhound rescue named Gigi.


What part of your job brings you the most joy?
I love to get nerdy about the science behind skincare. Diving as deep as possible into the root cause behind a client’s skin concern feels like I'm cracking the code to a case. That said, I know sometimes that it's more than just a physical assessment. I enjoy looking at the whole picture- mental and physical health, lifestyle, diet, stress, and everything in between. Our skin is a mirror for our overall well being, and I love that finding deeper solutions doesn't just temporarily fix a problem, but transforms our skin to its healthiest and happiest.


Why Cake?
I found that Cake’s owner, Katrina, valued all of the aforementioned reasons that I love what I do.


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