Your Style.


Cake lash extensions simplify your beauty routine, giving you more time for what matters! Custom lash extensions are expertly applied to each individual lash to create a full and luscious look.  We help to ensure that your lashes compliment and don't distract from your best features.  Our unique style creates simple and carefree lashes. 

Or, add the perfect lift/curl to natural eyelashes that lasts for up to 8 weeks. This service is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, or for those clients with sensitivities. This is a great alternative to lash extensions for those with sensitivities or lashes that aren't lash extension friendly.  


Lash Extensions

Full Set $250

1 Hour Fill $120

45 Minute Fill $100

1/2 Hour Fill $60

Volume Lashes - $10 (add-on to any lash service)**

Lash Lift

$140 | $180


Brow Tint $25 | $30*

Lash Tint $35 | $40* 

* Price varies upon technician.

** Volume lashes are semi-permanent lashes that are adhered to the individual natural lashes. The big difference is that the diameter is much thinner, therefore allowing multiple volume lashes to be attached to the individual natural lash. Volume lashes are an option for any lash client, but especially great for those with sparse lashes. Depending on the natural lash being applied to, the technician can apply as few as two lashes or as many as six.