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Amanda Chantal Bacon is a wellness powerhouse and founder of one of the fastest growing wellness brands, Moon Juice. She has two locations in Southern California and recently launched a new cookbook! Her recipes are as powerful and healing to your body as they are inspiring to your mind. “Moon Juice is … a healing force, an etheric potion, a cosmic beacon for those seeking out beauty, wellness, and longevity.”

At Cake, we are excited to announce that we just started carrying Moon Juice dusts. What are dusts, you say? Think of them as healthy potions for your drinks. Sprinkle Moon Juice dusts into any beverage and allow them to work at the deepest levels to enhance your brain, body, and spirit. These dusts include some of the most potent herbs, adaptogentic plants and minerals to help your body adapt to stress and fatigue. Moon Juice calls them dust, we call them magic.

We also just started carrying the Moon Juice Cookbook! If you’re looking to achieve optimal wellness in a natural (and mouth-watering!) way then this cookbook is for you. Amanda delivers over 75 recipes from the brand’s most popular healing beverages and provisions. “I was not going to align with anything that did not feed my body, was not in harmony with the planet, or told me that I was in my prime at an age when I was not my strongest.”

All of the recipes inside the Moon Juice cookbook are made easy to digest and to snack on. Amanda explains inside the book that one of her first projects in the Moon Juice kitchen was to create a Fig Newton-type bar. Tapping into some of her beloved memories and her love for fresh strawberries, honey and muddled rose geranium leaves, her version of this adored treat was created and called, Strawberry Rose Geranium Bars.

Discover these delicious treats and more exciting recipes inside the Moon Juice cookbook. Stop in the Cake shop to pick up Moon Juice dusts and cookbook or visit our shop online.


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