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Frustrated with the lack of results from typical vitamins and herbal supplements, Cake Owner, Katrina Rising decided to give Sun Potion a try. The promise of Sun Potion was intriguing. You mix their medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs into your drinks or wholesome foods and you are promised to receive energizing and exceptional results that enhance your wellbeing. Well, darlings … it actually works!“In the past, I never felt good when I took vitamins,” Katrina explained. “I never experienced what the label described I would. I was pleasantly surprised when I took Sun Potion and would pretty instantly feel the positive effects." Similar to the skincare products she believes in, Katrina trusts Sun Potion because she has seen the results first hand. Her team uses Sun Potion each day by incorporating these potent herbs into their teas, smoothies and meals. Katrina was so inspired by the positive impact that she started carrying Sun Potion in her Cake Skincare shops and online store (here).

As for the need-to-try Sun Potion herbs, here is what we love!

Pine PollenPine Pollen is reputed to be a potent aphrodisiac, as it enters all five meridians and offers dual-directional hormone support. Regular consumption may support healthy metabolism, immune response, circulation, and enhance whole-body function. Katrina loves this product explaining, “This is one of the most consistent products we have found. It gives such a noticeable boost of energy and focus and truly shocks us by it's incredible potency!”

He Shou WuHe Shou Wu has a history of use as a longevity, anti-aging, blood-building, beautifying and rejuvenationing food. It dissolves nicely into water and can be taken on its own or mixed into lattes, teas and smoothies. Katrina adds, “the water-soluble products really work for me.”

Green Adaptogens - This is a great product to use in order to get the nutrients you need when you don’t have the time to eat proper colorful meals. This product helps calm your digestive system and makes you feel balanced and grounded. This signature blend Green Adaptogen is an activating and balancing blend of Suma, Maca, and Chlorella. This combination of herbs is meant to promote energy levels, strengthen the immune system functions and promote overall wellbeing.

Cake proudly carries Sun Potion products in its stores and online shop. “Sun Potion embodies all of the things we love in a product and the type of companies we choose to support. Everything put into their products are ethically sourced and are the highest of quality,” say Katrina.

Take a look at the Sun Potion blog for some Devine recipes!


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