Achieve Results.

Simple & Perpetual 

At Cake, our intuition is the best asset. Clients know that our extensive knowledge and desire to care for each other guides us. Each facial is tailored for you. In that moment. What your skin needs today. We want to create and focus on what our client's needs are, right then and for the future.

The dedication of our team ensures clients are cared for consistently over many years. The outcome is creating long lasting relationship and effective results for their skin. We pride ourselves on mastering our craft while connecting in a unique way.    



Well Defined & Accelerated

During our 50 minute facials you can expect premium service and efficacious treatments in under an hour.  Facials can be brief but dramatic with our tailored exfoliating treatments, light extractions, and our beautifully blended hydrating treatments.


50 minute facial

$140 - $210*


Extensive & Comprehensive

During our 70, 90, and 120 minute facials you will enjoy all the treatments provided in our Accelerated Facials as well as the addition of advanced treatments such as our LED treatments, PCA Peels as well our customized Dermaplane treatments included at no additional charge.


70, 90 and 120 minute facials

$180 - $420*


Additional Treatments

Consider indulging in one of our advanced firming, brightening, or exfoliating treatments during your 70, 90, or 120 minute facial.


Intraceuticals Atoxelene Infusion $20-25

Rejuvenating Oxygen Infusion $40

Beyond Hydration Hand and Arm Treatment $40

Rezenerate $50

Lip or other small area Dermaplane $35-45


If you have questions about what service it right for you, our aestheticians are happy to help guide you.  Give us a call at 206-829-9554 QA or 206.333.6960 or email us at for assistance.